Some days, you just need a scrap of an idea and it’s off to the races right away. Others, not so much, and this hasn’t been the first kind of day. Not that I haven’t spent several hours trying to make it be, anyway.

I don’t know how I feel about it. I expected more of myself, but I always do, and often that’s not healthy. If it hasn’t become so in this case, it soon will. Maybe it’s a mistake to pause so soon. I think it is certainly a mistake to keep trying to force it today.

You build it up in your head, you know? I’m already probably going to have to get through the hangover from this to manage anything tomorrow, and at this point I’m just making that worse. Time I did something else instead.

I think, on those days I don’t write or don’t succeed in writing, I’ll recommend something instead - this time, let’s make that Elizabeth Sandifer’s The Beigeness, or How to Kill People with Bad Writing: The Scott Alexander Method. It’s worthwhile, but it is a lot; I’m going to trust you to decide based on the title whether it’s something you’re here for, because I’m apparently too fried to come up with useful content advice, too.

Did have another idea, though, just now. I’m going to write it down in my diary for tomorrow, and then go play some game that doesn’t need me to do a lot of thinking. My brains are sore.

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