So basically fuck migraines? And fuck COVID, before which I never had those? So yeah Thursday and Friday were a total wash, and yesterday was mostly just recovery and looking after house chores that I’d been in too poor a shape to handle over the couple of days prior. I didn’t have a lot of wherewithal to spare, and not enough to manage any writing or even any “not one of those days” posts like this one.

I don’t feel good about that, because of course I don’t. Expect more of myself than is in any sense reasonable, that’s the Lexie way. And then feel bad about it when I fail to meet those absurd expectations. It is an old habit! And a surprisingly complicated one to lay aside. But I’m working on it, as and when.

For the recommendation this time, I’m going to swerve abruptly between media and point you at Kill James Bond!, a podcast recapping the eponymous series’s films in order, and basically just having a huge amount of fun with each of them. This made my recent indisposition a good deal less unpleasant, during periods where I couldn’t tolerate light at all but quiet voices were OK. The way I see it, if I managed to somewhat actually enjoy this podcast in the middle of an actual migraine, anyone not experiencing one of those should find it an absolute blast. Check it out!

(Oh, and I do have an idea that I’m working on right now, a contrarian take on a classic sf short story that I think is long overdue. Just at the moment I’ve got to go and help a friend with some plumbing, but I expect to publish that either later today or tomorrow. I hope you’ll have as much fun reading it as I’m having in the writing!)

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