Well, this hasn’t been much of a week for writing, has it? I got my second Pfizer vaccination Wednesday morning, and that was great! Also it knocked me flat on my ass Wednesday afternoon and I stayed that way through Thursday, and that was not so great. I feel okay again now, which is good! But I also have a bunch of things to get done that I didn’t over the last couple of days, and some of those things have deadlines on them, and that is not so good.

Or it won’t be if I don’t get those things done! So that’s what I’m going to do, and rearrange my plans for tomorrow to accommodate a nice long spell of uninterrupted morning time that I can spend writing. I’ve got a few ideas floating around for what to do with that; foremost among them at the moment is another installment in what feels like it might become an ongoing story starting with “Scape”, but I might change my mind before then.

Or you might! Calling it ‘audience participation’ would imply the existence of an audience, but if there’s some idea or subject you might particularly enjoy seeing me tackle, my email and Mastodon are in the footer. (There’s a twitter too I guess but I never actually check that or do anything with it so probably I won’t see it.) Absent that, I suppose I’ll continue doing what the hell I like, but that was always going to be true anyway.

For a recommendation, I think this time we’ll go with n-gate’s weekly Hacker News recaps. If you’re familiar with Hacker News, you’ll most likely enjoy these. If you’re not familiar, but appreciate for its own sake the kind of satire that lands like a needle driven with an eight-pound sledge, then they’ll still be worth your while. And if you’re familiar with Hacker News, but still in the habit of taking it seriously as anything beyond a simple link aggregator—well, maybe this will cure you of that, and honestly it’s long past time something did.

I intend to add a comment system at some point. Until then, please feel free to comment via email or Mastodon. I'll be happy to add your comment verbatim to its parent post, or not, just as you like.