—she'll always be alone—

—until now.

Your entire life, you've never been more alone than when you could not escape your shame—could not hide from it—and became lost in it. As you are lost now.

As you were lost. Because something is different now. Before, you always were alone. Before, you had no one in whom to take solace. Before, you could rely only upon yourself. Before, you could find no escape save to suffer as long as your wounded heart would make you, and weep in the long watches of the night until you could weep no more, and simple exhaustion overcame you.

Before, there was no one who would come and find you, and bring you back. Bring you home.

There is no hiding here, in this embrace so intimate that it reaches even your thoughts. Even your feelings. Even the simple sensation of your body.

Even your oldest and deepest shame.

You were always alone in it, before. But you are not alone now. The deep thing is there with you. And you need not only see yourself as you see yourself—another perspective, its perspective, is available to you now.